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You have a strategic competitive advantage. My job is to help you discover and elevate that advantage to accelerate growth, build brand equity, and solidify your market position.

"I didn’t believe in the power of great marketing... until I met Josh."

He helped take Patientco, everything from lead generation to the way we communicated the brand, from early stage to scaled SaaS enterprise company. With his unique growth-minded approach, solid business strategy, and creative problem solving, Josh was instrumental in Patientco’s success. I would highly recommend him to any early-stage company needing help with growth marketing.
Bird Blitch
CEO, Co-Founder, Patientco

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How can I help you grow?

Go-to-Market Strategy

There are lots of ways to take your technology to market, but which way is best? How will you know? I can help you develop a scalable and repeatable go-to-market strategy you can rely on to deliver new customer acquisition and predictable revenue.

Brand Development

Your brand is more than a logo or colors and even more than a website. It's who you are. It's the promise you make to prospects, customers, and your team. I can help you develop a resilient brand you will be proud of that will scale with you as you grow.

Fractional CMO

Many early-stage companies need deep growth marketing experience to guide them on their journey. However, they're not ready for full-time marketing leadership. I can help you bridge the gap until you're ready for scale.

About Me

My life mission statement is simple: be a light. I believe early-stage companies with big, innovative ideas can make people’s lives better and add more light to the world. I’ve seen it firsthand many times.


As a result, I want to use my 20+ years of unique experience as a brand builder and growth marketing leader to help more early-stage companies elevate their brand and bring their ideas to more people. 


I started ByrdsEye as a marketing advisory service designed to guide early-stage companies with the key insights, processes, and experiences I’ve gained over the years, my “ByrdsEye View” if you will.

I’ve had the honor of helping launch, accelerate, and grow multiple early-stage B2B companies, several with high-profile exits totaling more than $600 million… and now I want to help you.


Some of the award-winning companies I’ve worked with include: Patientco, Juvare, Relatient, Savista, Spring Health, NanoLumens, and many more.

Let's chat about how I can help you grow.